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Data Privacy & Security

Data is an important asset for all businesses. Collecting, storing and using information also presents significant risk. ELG’s data privacy and security attorneys advise clients across many industries to identify, address and respond to the complex obligations accompanying the data entrusted to their organizations. Our work spans organizations at all stages, from guiding startups in building in privacy and security safeguards from the outset, to improving existing policies to improve risk management in established corporations.

ELG attorneys work with clients to analyze and understand how they use data so that they can develop customized internal data privacy and cybersecurity policies and procedures that facilitate compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. With a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and how emerging technologies affect today’s workplace, we help businesses assess gaps that may increase their risk and develop management strategies that keep them up to date in a rapidly-evolving area of the law. Our services extend to identifying and analyzing ways client relationships with outside vendors intersect with proper methods and documentation for addressing legal obligations when handling personal data.

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