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Startup Companies

ELG’s corporate and securities attorneys offer essential support to startup companies as they expand and require more sophisticated representation. Emerging companies turn to ELG for advice in financing, employment, equity incentive arrangements, intellectual property, commercial agreements and dispute resolution. We design and implement scalable legal and business solutions that support and facilitate profitable growth.

Acting as both general business counsel and securities counsel, we advise emerging companies from initial start-up through the various tiers of venture capital and public financing, all the while providing practical guidance in operational matters. We assist clients in identifying and understanding the fundamental issues to be aware of, making intelligent choices at the outset, making practical decisions and establishing strong legal foundations for their growing companies.

Many of our clients raise funds through angel and venture finance and expect an accelerated growth curve leading to acquisition. Our clear understanding of what makes a company attractive to the investment community, or as an acquisition target, enables us to offer counsel on critical threshold issues such as corporate structure, employment relationships and intellectual property protection, and also offer guidance on content and format of business plans.

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