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Emerging Technologies

New technologies erupt into the world with dizzying speed, impacting lives and businesses in unanticipated ways while giving rise to some of the most successful businesses. As technology attorneys, we innovate creative solutions to help entrepreneurs establish new businesses and take advantage of new platforms without running astray of applicable laws, which historically develop more slowly. We stay ahead of the curve for our clients, helping them take advantage of critical opportunities while also protecting their businesses.

AI technology is not new, but it has taken the tech business by storm, and is at the pinnacle of its hype cycle. Complex and swiftly changing, AI affects all industries, and every company needs to evaluate the impacts on its business. We clearly understand these impacts, because of our early involvement in the technologies that led to the present. We work with our clients to implement strategies for harnessing the power of AI while mitigating its risks.

With each new technology that hits the marketplace, our team provides practical and innovative legal advice across all legal disciplines. Our deep and long-standing experience in intellectual property, contracts, financing, licensing, regulatory compliance, data privacy and security, employment, mergers & acquisitions and joint ventures provides a secure foundation for the basics in any technology business. Our extensive international network of area-specific counsel allows us to engage the best legal counsel for any particular issue. We are tireless in adding new experts to this network, which has been 30 years in the making. Our experience hails from our deep involvement in many industries including media and entertainment, finance, investment, technology, biotech, and more.

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