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Financing & Venture Investing

ELG attorneys represent VC funds, family offices, and high net worth individuals in connection with venture capital, public offerings, angel financing, and other complex financing transactions. Our sophisticated advice spans from diligence, documentation, and closing transactions that are already negotiated to structuring new deals and negotiating Term Sheets.

For our institutional clients and others who are frequent investors, we support the principals in negotiating and closing transactions or – should the client so desire – we take over and conduct negotiations and closings based on their investment criteria. Clients who are accustomed to being the sole investor or leading investment rounds look to us to develop a standard investment template that become the basis for all their portfolio investments.

Individual and angel investors turn to us for early-stage investing, taking advantage of the personalized approach that only a boutique firm can offer. For clients who are new to early-stage financing, we provide straightforward assessments of the advantages and disadvantages of various deal structures and the relative importance and negotiability of various deal terms.

With significant experience representing emerging growth companies, our attorneys bring a uniquely deep understanding of all investment structures, including preferred equity, SAFES, convertible notes and equity crowdfunding. We adeptly address issues driving negotiations on both sides of the table and apply practical judgment in assessing the benefits and costs inherent in negotiating positions. As negotiations and documentation proceed, we assist issuers with any complexities that may arise. And of course, from start to finish, we ensure compliance with securities laws while preserving maximum flexibility to pursue financing opportunities.

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